ST.ART strolling the streets of the Wynwood during the Art Basel Miami 2015.

Taking place in early December, Art Basel Miami is one of the most important art festivals in America.

Along with The festival takes place in Wynwood, a hip neighborhood in Miami that contains over 70 galleries, museums, art collections, businesses, and studios. It is also one of the world's largest outdoor mural exhibits, featuring some of the most renowned artists street artists. Every year during Art Basel week, urban artists from around the world come to Miami to paint the Wynwood walls. It's a must-see landmark, attracting more than 75,000 visitors.

Our founder, Kamilla Sun, went down to Miami to participate in the annual event and see what's going on on the streets of Wynwood, the largest outdoor mural gallery. However, the weather this year triggered a few complications. The constant rain made it particularly difficult for the artists to paint their murals.

Take a look at the rain-stricken Wynwood streets: