ST.ART is an agency that links remarkable contemporary urban artists from around the world with companies and individuals seeking to decorate commercial, residential and office spaces with original artwork or hire them for a specific project .



We believe that life should be colorful and exciting. 

 With our help something boring turn into OUTSTANDING!



We locate the right artist for your project and manage all aspects of it's production, from start to finish.



We create one-of-a-kind designs and other creative projects in response to our client’s needs and vision.



Art is the most powerful way to express your ideas, tell you stories and show the world who you are. This is the reason why we decided to establish a company that mainly focuses on the power of street art and mural artworks!


"We want to support contemporary urban artists community. Help them grow, make them more approachable for commission works and give the recognition that they deserve." said Kamilla Sun, Founder and CEO of ST.ART.


With such a mindset, NYC-based agency ST.ART set out on a quest to connect clients with some of the most talented street artist locally and internationally to help them turn their visions into tangible works of art and design. 

The talented artists we partner with create murals that complement your outdoor spaces or interior design needs beautifully within a variety of settings, from commercial facilities and office spaces to public halls and homes! 


As a multiservice agency, we aren’t only limited to creating wall decoration, but we seek to uncover the full potential of urban art and the way it can be integrated within your vision, businesses or space in many different work frames.


For the above reasons and more, ST.ART dedicated to crafting flexible creative solutions that transcends media and connect brands to artists for project as diverse as interior decoration, promotional campaign, branding material and more. 



Kamilla Sun Founder CEO Start ST.ART street art creative design agency street artists

Kamilla Sun

Founder & CEO