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Nicole Salgar live-painting at the ContextMedia event.

Nicole Salgar live-painting for the Context Media Event.

Nicole is live-painting at the Context Media event in the Wynwood Walls.

Nicole Salgar is an artist from Miami, Florida and trained in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Nicole’s works are large scale murals that are incredibly vibrant and brighten the areas they are in. She recently were commissioned by ContextMedia to paint live during their private event in Wynwood Walls in Miami. So we wanted to share about her experience at the event and hear more about her!

ST.ART: How did event go for the ContextMedia? What did you do?

NICOLE: I had a blast at the event! They asked me to prepare an interactive canvas inspired by the tropical nature of Florida. They wanted their guests to participate in painting with me. So I created the outline of the image and people were filling it with colors. It was fun painting all together! The event was beautiful and everybody was super cool!

Nicole Salgar is engaging the Context Media guests in the painting.

Nicole Salgar s engaging the Context Media guests in the painting.

ST.ART: Great to hear! We glad you liked it! Now tell us more about yourself. What is your background (ie where are you from, where did you train to become a street artist if you had any formal training)?

NICOLE: I went to art school most of my life here in Miami Florida, where I am from. I then got accepted to Fashion institute of Technology in NYC for college where I got my Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design. I didn’t “train” to be a street artist, I trained to be an artist in general and just applied what I learned in school & life on the walls of the streets. I paint on both walls & canvas.

ST.ART: Why did you decide to become a street artist?

NICOLE: I wanted to make an impact on communities that needed help and create positive messages on the streets those people walked on.

ST.ART: Who and what are your main inspirations?

NICOLE: I am inspired by my environment, life and the people I surround myself with.

ST.ART: What was the first mural you completed? Any complications or problems you faced?

NICOLE: Chuck Berrett & I painted a Phoenix for Centre-fuge public art project in NYC. It was our first mural so sure we had a hard time scaling it out but once it was on there I think it went rather smoothly for a first time. The surface was also corrugated metal so that was a bit of a struggle in itself.

ST.ART: Why were you originally attracted to street art?

NICOLE: I loved walking in neighborhoods and seeing art in the streets. Any time I see an artwork on the street, it makes that area so much more enjoyable to walk through.

ST.ART: Any struggles you run into by being a street artist?

NICOLE: In many cases street artists undervalued and under-promoted. I feel like sometimes clients assume that street artists can always paint for free, for our own exposure. This is our craft and, as any professional, we want to make a living to pay our bills. I must say, at times it's harder to paint large scale murals and often very dangerous for our lives. Also sometimes I have trouble getting permission to paint.

ST.ART: What do you think of working with ST.ART ?

NICOLE: To do what you really love is the best gift that you can have. With your help artists can be properly advocated and make the living out of their passion in life. You are the bridge that connects the artists with society. It very easy to work with you guys! Thank you for helping us!

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