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Start With A Dream | Volunteering School Art Project in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Featured Artists: Adrian Sonni, Jason Naylor, Adam Lucas, Agata Wojcierowska, Natasha May Platt

Location: Shree Bhakta Vidyashram Secondary School, Chittadhar Marg, Kathmandu 44600

Type: Community Art Project



The founder of ST.ART Agency, Kamilla Sun has come to do a volunteering initiative in Kathmandu to teach kids arts and collaborate with little Nepalians to transform their school's gray crumbling walls into lively, colorful murals. Kamilla was able to raise money through the crowdfunding campaign with the support of the like-minded community in order to procure the art and school supplies needed for this venture. 

Top artists such as Jason Naylor, Sonni, Adam Lucas, and Agata Wojcierowska created a simple mockup designs for the school murals that were easily recreated by kids with the curation of Kamilla Sun. Additionally, to bring awareness about the topic, Jason Naylor in collaboration with Natasha May Platt aka Surface Of Beauty painted a similar mural on the corner of Ludlow and Delancey streets in NYC as the one he created for the entrance wall of the school in Nepal. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MURAL.

The project "Start With A Dream" was intended to give back to the less fortunate communities in the poverty stricken parts of the world and to inspire their children to be imaginative and dare to dream big.    


Kamilla Sun stated: "When the kids participated in my art classes and painting of the murals, it was so great to see how children collaborated with each other. I haven't seen such an amazing team-work even from most adults. Kids were simply happy to create together and be part of something bigger that will make the school and surrounding neighbourhood look more alive, to contribute for the coming generations in this school. Even kids as little as 5-10yo was involved in the painting.  All the kids did an incredible work, my involvement was very little. I was quite surprised to find out that most of the schools in Nepal don’t have art classes among their subjects, only science and humanities subjects. The Nepalese education system don't consider arts that important. It's very unfortunate. I thought it's a very limiting approach. Developing your imagination and creativity it is as important in life as any other subject.I believe the science itself is a field of creativity. Scientists like Einstein made an emphasis on it, saying: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." I believe that if you can imagine you can create anything. #StartWithADream" project aimed to teach the little builders of the future how to imagine, dream bigger and create" 

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