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Start With A Dream

Featured Artists: Jason Nylor, Adrien Sonni, Adam Lukas, Agata Wojcierowska

Location: Chittadhar Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal 44600

Type: Volunteering work 

Description: ST.ART partnered with NOW, a call to action organization enabling the public to support CO2 drawdown.  

Celebrating the launch of NOW's supporting film, Ice on Fire, by Leila Connors and Leonardo DiCaprio on the reality of our climate crisis and urgency for change, NOW collaborated with ST.ART to create the outdoor mural that amplify the film's message.

NYC-based artist Sonni depicted in the mural the topics on Global Warming crisis and environmental pollution.

By encouraging the social community in engaging with the artworks and sharing the content with the hashtag #NowIsTheTime, NOW hopes to spread the message around the topics to the bigger audiences.

[ Check out the Video about this Project ]

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