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Born in New York City in 1980, See One has been fueled by creative curiosity joined with a big imagination ever since picking up a crayon. See One began illustrating as a young child inspired by his love for comic books, Japanese animation and the colorful graffiti of the late 80’s and 90’s.


In 2009 the artist created a style termed “Shards,” colorful, layered, swirling, sharp shapes reminiscent of broken shards of glass weaved in between tags, drips and texture. His style emerged onto canvases and walls that has come to represent New York’s brand of contemporary graffiti hybrid abstraction. Initially based on a simple concept, See One utilized the jagged lines of broken glass to build imagery that is layered with complexities. Layers of tags, collage and his signature shards, culminate to mirror the artist’s layered past.

See One has been exhibiting his works since 2007 in New York City, the Hamptons and SoHo in solo and group shows and on numerous public murals.

See One is also the creator of popular street icon, Miru a small blue dragon who can be seen on the streets on many walls as well.

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