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Ricardo Gonzalez @Itsaliving for Pandora

Featured Artist: Ricardo Gonzalez aka "It's a Living"

Location: 102 Ludlow street, Lower East Side, NYC, 10002

Type: Branded Art Campaign 

Description: Streaming audio provider Pandora has launched the spring installment of its ‘Sound On’ brand campaign, designed to inspire listeners to discover the unique sounds.

“Our inaugural ‘Sound On’ campaign centered around holiday travel and the ways music and sound can help you escape a mundane physical space – like a crowded airport or delayed train,” said Lauren Nagel, vice-president and executive creative director at Pandora. “Building on that idea of transformation, our spring campaign amplifies the emotional hallmarks of the spring season: renewal, inspiration, and what we do best: discovery.”

According to a company statement, the ongoing strategy for the brand’s narrative will be to seize cultural moments and demonstrate how Pandora makes that experience better through its product features and content -- including playlists, offline listening and podcasts.

Pandora has commissioned the typography artist Ricardo Gonzalez aka "It's a Living", together with other leading street artists, to create wall murals that depict their unique interpretations of sound and spring discovery. The murals, which appeared in top markets across the country, also include QR codes that drive to custom playlists on Pandora curated by the street artists featuring music that inspired their work. Other elements include private concerts from the campaign artists, an influencer ‘Sound Box’ and a ‘Sound On’ lounge which will be live at big music festivals. 

[ Check out the Video about this Project ]

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