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Rubin415 for Brooklyn Desks Coworking & Office share space.

Featured Artist: Rubin415

Location: 49 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Type: Hand-painted wall decoration

Description: Brooklyn Desk Office & Coworking share space  in Bushwick, Brooklyn wanted to have an inspiring lobby entrance. 
They wanted the walls to be painted by the local Brooklyn-based artist and their choice stopped on Rubin415. For the design they gave the total freedom of expression on the hands of artist.

"My work originates from graffiti letters but music is also a big inspiration. I play the guitar and I’ve played in bands all my life and I like to think in terms of music when I paint, - there has to be a certain rhythm, balance and flow. At first look things might seem random but every line and shape has it’s meaning." 

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