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Nepo's solo exhibition and mural installation at Wix Lounge NYC. 

Featured ArtistNepo

Location: Wix Lounge NYC, 235 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011.

Type: Art exhibition and large-scale painting installation on the wall.

Description: Solo show “Fantasia Tropico” by remarkable Puerto Rican street artist Juan Roman a.k.a. Nepo at the Wix Lounge NYC on May 1-28th, 2016.


“Fanstasia Tropico”was showcasing Nepo’s artworks and a large-scale installation mural with his undoubtedly distinct style delighting viewers with his wondrous characters  and bold colors. His artwork is inspired by his own personal experiences of living in NYC, which is difficult but necessary. Nepo believes that the only way to expand and grow is by leaving the comfort zone.

“I always tend to feel nostalgic and miss PR the most. This nostalgia and longing was the inspiration for “Fantasía Tropical.” I decided to completely submerge myself in my painting, and create a fantasy world that recreates all of the things I miss and love from my island. I used a combination of tropical and vivid colors, typical animals and symbology, and created my own imaginary happy place.”

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