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Ebony Bolt for Global Citizen Festival 2016 in Central Park, NYC.

Featured ArtistEbony Bolt

Location: Central Park/ Global Citizen festival 2016/ VIP tent.

Type: Drawing on the canvas.

Description: Global Citizen invited ST.ART to interpret a visual demonstration of what it would look like to stand in unison with those affected by refugee crises and emergencies. ST.ART artist Ebony Bolt’s interactive piece, “Color Me Through” was inspired by the myriad of refugee faces that often go nameless with a bevy of untold stories and struggles lost in transit from their homes. It was instinctive for Bolt to draw upon ideas of empathy and resilience through outlining bodies of different shapes and sizes lumped together as one in a crowd. More importantly, rather than try to interpret narratives of what each refugee’s pain may feel like, Bolt by leaving each figure colorless, wanted to create a safe space geared towards empowering others to share their own perspectives and actively create change both physically on the canvas and beyond in conversation.

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