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Okuda San Miguel, born November 19, 1980 in Santander and based in Madrid since 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. Since its inception in 1997, his pieces on rail-roads and abandoned factories in his hometown were clearly recognizable. Parallel to his work in the street, Okuda also starts producing more intimate works in his studio, with which from 2009 evolves into a more personal way.


The multicolored geometric structures and patterns are joined with gray bodies and organic forms in artistic pieces that could be categorized as Pop Surrealism with a clear essence of street forms. His works often raise contradictions about existentialism, the Universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, the false freedom of capitalism, and show a clear conflict between modernity and our roots; ultimately, between man and himself.


In his work, multicolored geometric architectures blend with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals, symbols that encourage reflexion ... A unique iconographic language.


His works can be seen in streets and galleries around the world: India, Mali, Mozambique, United States, Japan, Chile, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Mexico and the European continent among others.


- Solo exhibitions:

"Vidas Inertes" Underdogs gallery, Lisbon. Portugal. 2014

"Dream or Die" SC gallery, Bilbao. Spain. 2013

"Nothing & Nobody & Nowhere" Espacio de arte La Sala, Zaragoza. Spain. 2013

"Nada ni Nadie" Sala Domingo, Lima. Perú. 2013

“Rainbow in the Darkness” Espacio G3, Madrid. Spain. 2013

"Welcome to 12/12/12" Fifty24MX, Mexico city, Mexico. 2012

“Welcome to Nowhere” IAM Gallery, Madrid. Spain. 2012

“Welcome to Nowhere” El Bigote del Sr Smith, Barcelona. Spain. 2012

"Prohibido Vivir" SC Gallery, Bilbao, Spain. 2011

"Irrealismolandia" Iam gallery, Espacio Espora, Madrid, Spain. 2010

"Falsa Realidad" Montana Gallery, Sevilla, Spain. 2010

"Ecourbansistem" Medina Coheli, Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, Spain. 2009

"Ecourbansistem" Galeria el Torco, Suances, Cantabria, Spain. 2009

"Brain vs Heart" SC Gallery, Bilbao, Spain. 2008

"Brain vs Heart" Montana Gallery, Valencia, Spain. 2007

"Brain vs Heart" Hot Skates Gallery, Oviedo, Spain. 2007

"Interior World" Montana Gallery, Barcelona ,Spain. 2006

"Toxiciudad" Sala La Canela, Cadiz, Spain. 2005

"+Caras" La Santa art Gallery, Santander, Spain. 2005


- Group exhibitions:

"LAX/LTW" Thinkspace Invades Detroit. Inner State Gallery. Detroit. USA. 2015

"RED. Expresionism" 19Karen gallery. Gold Coast. Australia. 2015

"A Major Minority 2015" 1AM Gallery. San Francisco. USA 2015

"Kaleidoscope" Mya Gallery. London. UK. 2015

"Theriomorphism 2" IAM Gallery. Madrid. Spain. 2015

"RedBull Curates" Room007 Hotel. Madrid. Spain. 2014

"Kopfe Drei" Werkkunst galerie. Berlin. Germany. 2014

"Estampa" art faiir Yusto-Giner gallery. Madrid. 2014

"Cologne Art Fair" Tres Punts gallery. Cologne. Germany. 2014

"SWAB Art Fair" Tres Punts gallery. Barcelona. Spain. 2014

"Affordable Art Fair" Active Art gallery. Hamburg. Germany. 2014

"ARTMOSPHERE" Biennale. ArtPlay. Moscow. Russia. 2014

"POP POP POP" Second Above gallery, Hong Kong. China. 2014

"Summer Times" Yusto-Giner gallery, Marbella. Spain. 2014

"Villa Ocupada" Niort. France. 2014

"La Alternativa. Tendido 11" Plaza Toros Las Ventas. Madrid. Spain. 2014

"Street Art Axa Porto" Edificio Axa. Oporto. Portugal. 2014

"ABNORMAL ACTIVITY" 3 Punts Gallery. Barcelona. Spain. 2014

"THERIOMORPHYSM" Iam Gallery. Madrid. Spain. 2014

"This is Not Street Art" Social Space. New Delhi. 2014

"ROOM ART FAIR" IAM Gallery, Madrid. Spain. 2013

"AFFORDABLE ART FAIR" Active Art Gallery, Hamburg. Germany. 2013

"Da Bakers Dozen" Low Brow Artique, Brooklyn. NYC. USA. 2013

"Streets of colour" by Campo viejo. Palacio Santa Barbara, Madrid.Spain. 2013

"Ad Infinitum" IAM gallery, Madrid. Spain. 2013

"JUST MAD" art fair,IAM gallery, Madrid. Spain. 2013

"MINIMART" Fifty24MX, Mexico city, Mexico. 2012

"Espanish Conexion" High Roller Society gallery, London, UK. 2012

“Vibraciones España” Artotheque. Pessac, France. 2012

“City of Gold” Afronova Gallery. Johannesburg. South Africa. 2012

"Las 7 Diferencias" IAM Gallery, Madrid, Spain. 2012

"GRAFIKA ,30 artistas de la España joven" Ins. Cervantes, Sofia, Bulgary. 2012

"Supergrafika" Estudio Finestra, Zaragoza, Spain. 2012

"GRAFIKA ,30 artistas de la España joven" Centro historias, Zaragoza, Spain. 2012

"GRAFIKA ,30 artistas de la España joven" Ins. Cervantes, Burdeos, France. 2011

"GRAFIKA ,30 artistas de la España joven" Ins. Cervantes, Madrid, Spain. 2011

"DIN A 3" Art & Design Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. 2011

"LIBERTÉ DES STYLES" Abbey du Ronceray, Angers, France. 2011

"Siempre nos quedará la pintura" Sala Casyc, Santander. 2011

"GRAFIKA ,30 artistas de la España joven" National Gallery, Ahman, Jordania. 2011

"GRAFIKA ,30 artistas de la España joven" Beirut, El Líbano. 2011

"IAM Retrospective" MTN Gallery, Madrid, Spain .2011

"ART STARS" by Polo Ralph Lauren. Phillips De Pury, London, UK. 2010

"DEL SOL Experiences" Del Sol St Gallery, Santander, Spain. 2010

"Sergeant Paper" L`Issue Gallery, Paris, France. 2010

"ART STARS" by Polo Ralph Lauren. Lazzari, Trevise, Italy. 2010

"ARTESANTANDER 2010" Cotauno, Del Sol St Gallery, Santander, Spain. 2010

"IAM" Spanish Embassy, Berlin, Germany. 2010

"The Generation" Nyc Showroom Gallery, New York. 2009

"FEM Artendencias 09" Plaza Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid. Spain. 2009

"todo a cien" Montana gallery, Sevilla. Spain. 2009

"Black Box" Fundación Fonde Internacional de las Artes, Madrid, Spain. 2009

"IAM" Montana Gallery, Barcelona, Spain .2009

"IAM" L Issue Gallery. Paris, France. 2009

"Young Pups" Santander, Spain. 2009

"IAM" Carmen de la Guerra Gallery. Madrid, Spain. 2009

"IAM" Nyc Showroom Gallery, New York, USA. 2009

"Bahia comun" Palacio de exposiciones de Santander, Spain. 2009

"Bienal Internacional de Bello Horizonte"Brasil. 2008

"Mixing & Matchig chairs" Visiónica. Audirtorio, Oviedo, Spain.2007

Prosper Gallery. Nuts Club, Tokio, Japan. 2007

"Pant2Flash" Montana Gallery, Sevilla. 2007

"Energias renovadas" Museo Conde Duque, Madrid. 2005

"el arte rupestre del siglo XXI" Museo Altamira, Cantabria. Spain. 2004

"Cosmopolite"Taxie Gallery, Paris. France. 2004

- Live paintings / Murals:

"St Art Delhi" Delhi. India. 2015

"Conquer The Concrete" Chennai. India. 2015

"Streets of Colours" by Campo Viejo. Amsterdam. Holand. 2015

"Streets of Colours" by Campo Viejo. MIami, Toronto, Oslo, Mexico Df. 2014

"Open Street Festival" BAL Museum. Liege. Belgium. 2014

"Wall of Clash" by Converse. Coam. Madrid. Spain. 2014

"This is Not Street Art" New Delhi. 2014

"Octavo Asalto" Zaragoza, Spain. 2013

"Streets of colour" by Campo viejo. Southbank, London. UK. 2013

"Mulafest" Ifema, Madrid. Spain. 2012, 2013

"Vibrations Urbaines" Pessac, France. 2012

“City of Gold” Johannesburg. South Africa. 2012

"Eurocultured" Manchester, UK. 2010

"Cultura Urbana" Madrid, Spain. 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

"Dockers art event" Barcelona ,Madrid ,Bilbao .Spain 2006 ,2007

"Meeting of styles" Belgium, Usa, Poland, Bulgary, Holland, France. 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008

"Urban Dreams" Charleroi, Belgium. 2005

"Dance Valley" Amsterdam, Holland. 2005

"Urban art festival" Canary Island, Spain. 2004, 2005

"Festimad" Madrid, Spain. 2004

"Viñarock" Albacete, Spain. 2004


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