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Marina Zumi came into contact with the street art scene early on and was one of the initial participants of the formative experimental street art group “Expression Sessions“ in Buenos Aires. One of the few female artists to take her work into the streets of the city, Zumi came to street art from a fashion design background which has contributed to the development of a unique style that is colorful and feminine.

Drawing inspiration from nature, cosmos, sacred geometry, Quantic Theory and dayto-day life, Zumi combines idealized versions of animals, vegetation and nocturnal scenes for the creation of her very own natural bio-luminescent landscapes. Zumi develops magically graceful murals to provide oases of serenity amidst the crowded and noisy city streets. But her production inside the studio, “away from the sprays“, takes more a concrete direction. By sewing her artworks, she unwrapped the Flux of Energy, symbolizing connections between all beings – represented by a re-ocurring motive of „seven lines“: one central intention, and the parallel resonances, three positives and three negative. Based in her study of quantum theory, together with the study of the Cosmos, her knowledge of Buddhist philosophy and love for nature, have led this artist to create and perform a more specific study of art, creating artwork sewn with gold,

silver, and black threads, increasingly approaching “Concrete Art“. Currently residing in San Paulo, Zumi continues to develop both independent and collaborative works on the streets and in gallery settings all over the world. With all of her craft and approach completely independent and self-taught, her development from graffiti to her current works has been a rich school of personal study.

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