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Johnny Robles work is approached with a reserved, collective and methodical rationale that’s apparent in his developing collection.

Exploring in a variety of media including drawing, sculpture and painting, Robles’ themes derive inspiration from complex paradigms shaped or changed by nature and nostalgic visions of childhood. The impulse toward story telling in his drawings, paintings, and sculptures is set-off against the immediacy of his precise, compelling imagery. Johnny’s saturated color palette, subject matter, technique and bold themes unfold creating visual conundrums for the viewer and even himself. His attempt to explore new dimensions and forms in his work embody emotive perceptual associations such as play, interaction, elation and control.  

Robles attended the Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy and later the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), from where he obtained his BFA in 2007.

He currently lives and works in Miami, FL

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