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Jeff Henriquez is a Brooklyn based full time artist currently working in the photo realist painting style. He received his BA in art in 1999 from Bradford College in Bradford, Massachusetts. Since 2000 he has been practicing and improving his painting techniques and delving into virtually every visual

art medium ranging from ceramics to silk screen printing to tattooing.

Jeff got his start in the gallery scene with huge monochrome portraits of the homeless, and displaced. The emotion and pain captured in the faces of his subjects created strikingly dramatic and profound works that could hold one's attention even from a distance. Successful showings in D.C. at The Museum of Contemporary Art and La Casa de la Cultura in Boston led to shows in Atlanta, Georgia, Saint Petersburg, Florida, Miami and eventually, New York city. To date, Jeff has acquired collectors from Canada, France and Russia.

His latest series "Sending Love", shows hyper realistic paintings of the pedestrian New York landscape in a way that lets the viewer step into the landscape and wander around as if by one's self in the echo of the rare and fleeting quiet seconds in city. In this body of work there are no people in the scenes. Only pigeons bringing stickers to surfaces used by street artists in their own anonymous pursuit of getting up in the streets. Stickers, tags, drips, throw ups, and wheat-paste in all their crinkled, torn and weathered glory are some of Jeff's favorite elements to incorporate in his work.

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