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Carlito Dalceggio was born in a remote fisherman village in Quebec in 1971, with a pencil in his hand, he knew very fast that his path would be different. He was building his own universe in secret, while seeming to follow a normal path. Carlito was introduced to art by his father, who was painting as a hobby in their basement studio. Carlito started to paint more seriously at 18yo.

Carlito earned a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at UQÀM (University du Québec à Montréal) but he spent half of the studies designing nightclubs in Europe.
At 19, Carlito founded the ORGANIC FRESH HEROES, first Art group with David Pelletier and made several happenings, parties, and exhibitions in Montréal and in Europe, completing the cycle by a giant happening at Museum of Contemporary Art of Montréal. Then, he started extended travels all over the world to learn art in the tradition of all cultures, from Mauritania, to Morocco, to Bali, Mexico and Thailand, creating on location hundreds of paintings and murals, living the gypsy existence.

In 1999, Carlito founded CIRCO DE BAKUZA, a group of artists, a laboratory of existence based on the alchemic fusion of contemporary art and other arts and culture. With this circus, they created giant events for the Just for Laughs Festival, world premiere Galas for Cirque du Soleil and many more special events.

He also started to collaborate in several sculpture projects with his father, and on many films with different directors, always in the desire to spread the vision in various medias.
In between travels, Carlito installed studios in different cities: Montréal, Mexico, Bali, New York and Paris, creating in a bohemian spirit with local artists, accumulating collaborations in art, fashion, circus arts, photography (with famous Parisian Studio Harcourt), literature, film, mysticism and eroticism. Every city has brought him an intense period of painting.

For 10 years, he created an independent distribution system for the paintings. Only in 2003 have Carlito started to present his work in art galleries and art fairs, in order to reach a wider audience.

He have been commissioned to create large-scale pieces for international headquarters of companies such as Cirque du Soleil and L’Oréal Canada, as well as restaurants and clubs throughout the globe.

Carlito always loved to share the ritual of creation, resulting in big performances, such as for the “Nuit blanche” both in Paris and Montréal, as well as numerous live paintings all over the world. In 2007, Carlito was commissioned to do a giant live-painting performance at the 1st edition of LUMINATO, Toronto’s Art festival, where he painted a 35 by 55 feet mural outside in 10 days.
Furthermore, he founded a new art group, the SECRET SILK SOCIETY, with several artists from all over the world, seeking for a new iconography with a revolutionary consciousness.

Carlito also an active member of MU, a non-profit organization which supports and promotes public art in the greater Montréal region. Its mission is both artistic and social as the project involves creating murals within and for local communities. In the summer of 2008, he did two large-scale murals on city walls. 

Carlito attracted more and more to large-scale project, like the creation of his dream, a traveling carousel “The Wheel of Freedom”, and multi-media seven minutes of whirling magical experience, for free, traveling in all big cites of the world.


Currently Carlito resides in Mexico City.

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