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ST.ART - From the Streets to the Indoors

ST.ART – transforming your standard interior with art murals: If you want to infuse your interior design with street art then ST.ART is the ultimate choice. ST.ART is an imaginative creative agency that connects momentous street artists from around the globe with organizations and people looking to fill business, private and office spaces with unique craftsmanship or contract them for a particular venture.

A growing trend in interior design:

The interior design companies have understood that street art doesn't need to stay outside. You can bring striking, realistic pieces into any interior and still have a modern look. Fusing street art into a interior layout has turned into a worldwide trend. Urban art no longer alludes simply to street graffiti. It stretches out to a mixture of different applications like wheat sticking, spray / acrylic painting, stenciling, and that's just the beginning. Some urban artists have an art institutional background and they apply their skills into the new art medium –

street art painting. The advantage provided by street artists is that they can paint not only on canvas, but also large scale murals which require different, complicated techniques. Interiors can now be modified into beautiful artistic paintings which can add the creative look to the space that was previously missing. Consequently, street art can truly be modified to suit any interior aesthetic from retail stores, offices, commercial spaces, lobbies to apartments and hotels.

True Religion store in SoHo | mural by RAE BK

Artists Johnny Robles for Del Toro store, Miami

FitnessTime gym in Dubai

Artist Jen Stark for Miami International Airport

Lobby | Collaboration with The DoArt Foundation and the Los Angeles City Council

Street art is the creative solution for your interior décor:

If you want to add shading, style, and a surprising measurement of fervor to your home, there is no other better option than graffiti. The time has come to give your walls the street murals they merit. These street art murals have significantly progressed from their road roots in past couple of decades. Today, property holders, interior designers, and architects are glad to use this remarkable and vivacious artistic expression to implant some life into cutting edge spaces . Whether you like straightforward stencil-style manifestations or more organic, hip - bounce roused themes, street murals put forth a style expression that is both: selective and catchy. Contemporary urban art can give a home a highly-strung, progressive, and clever feel while serving as an outstanding work of art. What's more, street art specialists are discovering approaches to coordinate street art murals into customary homes without even exasperating the former vibe of the living arrangement. Imaginative, dazzling and constantly prominent, street art murals have the ability to add inventive qualities to your home.

Mint&Serf for Ace hotel NYC

‘Tropical Birds’ mural by Pablo Piatti, BOFFO Showhouse reception; photo: Evan Joseph.

Artists unknown, via

For hospitality businesses:

You have restaurants, bistros, bars, and lodgings that are eager to gain an edge in a very aggressive business market– and architects who are eager to oblige. They want to attract customers through their interior design and are always looking for new, unique trends to do so. The uncontrollably well- known class is inclining, and we all know when something is unique, individuals desire to own a bit of it.

Shepart Ferry in Wynwood Kitchen via Interior Design Magazine

Beef and Liberty Burger restaurant in Hong Kong, street artist Cyrcle, via Designboom magazine

Street art trend in offices:

Street art as well as other new forms of visual contemporary art fit in exceptionally well with the new cutting edge office ideas that, through outlining of distinctive spaces, intend to fortify social association among partners and inventiveness. Numerous tech organizations like Google and Facebook are incorporating street art to their workplaces.

Spotify NYC office mural by ASVP

Artists unknown, via Interior Design magazine

Facebook office | mural by Shaun Logan, Menlo Park

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