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CääT is born on a rainy day in 1979 in Brussels where she still lives and works... if she's not at the other side of the world, which is often possible. In 1997 she went in Bolivia for one year, she discovers how much she loves to travel and to live in a hot and sunny place. She hesitates to stay living in the amazonian forest but she

decides to come back in Belgium to study illustration and comics at the Brussels Royal Academy. Since that time, she will never stop drawing, traveling and telling her adventures in her numerous sketchbooks.

She graduated in 2002 winning the Lexérius prize and she begins to work in illustration and many other different artistic disciplines. She draws on everything she can but what she really prefers is painting on walls.

Her universe is made of many mysterious crazy characters, half­human, half­animal, half­plant, always in bright colors. The characters are like her, very talkative, many bubbles invade her comics and murals; looking at her drawings you can lose yourself in this fantastic mess. Coming from the world of the comics, she likes to tell stories in her work, she used to have a comics blog in which she was drawing her own life, she stopped doing it because she couldn't find the time for it but now her personal illustrations and paintings always tell some anecdotes of her daily life with a lot of humor even when it's not so funny.

She begins her career publishing a dozen of children books as author illustrator, some of them have been translated in korean. In 2005 she makes some murals in the center of Brussels, then people asked her to make some paintings to decorate new restaurants, now very well knowed in the city, it was an opportunity to

show how varied is her universe. Then, she participated to a lot of cultural events and festivals, such as the Kosmopolite Art Tour who was organized in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam at the begining and in other big european cities in a second time. She could work with many street artists from all around the world in this  occasions.

Beside she paints on canvas and participates to many exhibitions, she works with textile and create some crazy human or monster dolls, she customizes t­shirts and sweat­shirts that many street artists are wearing. She also makes comics, she published 2 books as author illustrator by Diantre! editions, located in Paris.

In 2008 she was contacted by a belgian magazine to draw illustrations, so she begins to work for the press and now she uses to work for 4 different magazines and as a graffist as well for numerous clients.

And between all these creative activities she tries to find time for her and she's probably already thinking in her next travel destination.


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